Welcome to Shadexplorer

Shadexplorer is a jointventure of photographers B. Thomas Happ (BTH) and B. Thomas Jansson (BTJ). The intent of the website is to show night photography in our special way and do some Urban Exploration.
Our aim has been having fun and show the city after sundown. The pictures are not meant to be 100% truthful but more of an feeling and a play with colors. Often the pictures are distorted and overexposed to capture more than the lights at the sight. But nothing is photoshoped or retouched. It´s all real stuff.
The sights we've been to are often unusual and kind of morbid such as graveyards, old factories, old shipyards, railways, traffic connections and under bridges and tunnels. Not the usual things you see in the city (or maybe it is?). But we also celebrate architecture and we have taken a lot of pictures of buildings such as churches, bridges etc.